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Access the Recreation North Training Program from our Learning Space. From there, browse through core and advanced learning events (mini-courses) and find out how to earn a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership or Management.

REGISTER: The first step to taking part in the Recreation North Training Program is to register for an account. To register, go to our Learning Space, click “log in” (top right), then click “create new account.” Enter the details requested. Remember to check your email to confirm your registration.

ENROLL: Once you have an account, log in to our Learning Space to enroll for one or more learning events or certificates. We use a self-enrollment system. After clicking “enroll me”, please wait 24 to 48 hours for an email that confirms your enrollment.

PAY: After your enrollment is confirmed, you will receive an invoice. Fees are reduced for members of the three territorial recreation and parks associations. Invoices can be paid online or by cheque.

GET STARTED: Consider enrolling in Get Started with Us. This free learning event explains how the training works and how to use the Learning Space.

Welcome to our learning community.