Training Program

Recreation North has designed a training program based on thirteen competencies that are essential for leading in community recreation. If you live in Yukon, NWT or Nunavut, and work or would like to work or volunteer in recreation, this Program is designed for you.

You now have the option of registering for one or more learning events. Those taking the learning events have the option of working towards a Certificate in Recreation North Training Program. To receive your certificate you need to complete the following  12 learning events. Each learning event will have 2 one-hour conference calls on Thursday’s.

Learning events cost $45/learning event for RPA Members. Learning events cost $55/learning event for NON-RPA Members.

RF 101 – Intro to Recreation Foundations
RL 101 – Identify Your Own Leadership Strengths
RS 101 – Intro to the Recreation and Sport System
RS 102 – Get to Know Your Community
RS 103 – Value Northern Recreation, Arts, Culture and Sport
FS 101 – Use Community Spaces and Places Creatively
PE 101 – Deliver Recreation programs and Events
RM 101 – Manage Risk in Rural and Remote Recreation
PE 102 – Create Positive Program Experiences
BF 101 – Handle Basic Recreation Finances
CB 101 – Community Building Basics
RP 101 – Plan for Success

Other learning events available are:
BF 102 – Proposal Writing
PE 103 – Program for Target Populations
PM 101 – Promote Your Programs and Events
RM 102 – Use Documentation in Rural and Remote Recreation
RM 103 – Understand Legal Risk in Recreation
SV 101 – Find and Keep Volunteers

For more information about the Program, please check out our News updates or connect with us on Facebook.

Thank you to the Arctic Inspiration Prize for funding the Program development.