Training Program


Recreation North has designed a training program based on thirteen competencies that are essential for leading in community recreation. If you live in Yukon, NWT or Nunavut, and work or would like to work or volunteer in recreation, this Program is designed for you.

We have a variety of learning options. There is now the option of registering for one or more learning events.  There is also the option to work towards 3 different Certificates: Northern Recreation Leadership, Northern Recreation Management, and Northern Youth Recreation Leadership. (Most will complete the Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership and then Certificate in Northern Recreation Management.) We now also have a pathway to the Canadian Parks and Recreation Professional Development Certification. 

Click the drop down menu above to learn more about each of these certificates.

Each learning event will have 2 one-hour conference calls. Calls for learning events in Northern Recreation Leadership happens on Thursdays. Calls for learning events in Northern Recreation Management happens on Wednesdays. 

Learning events cost $55/learning event for RPA Members. Learning events cost $75/learning event for NON-RPA Members. Learning events that are 4 weeks long (BF 102 and RP 102) are $100/learning event. There is a discount if you register for the full certificate at once. Registration website can be found here.

Learning events are generally delivered on a one-year cycle. If your organization would like to request a learning event(s) specific for your group of people please contact our Program Manager.

Check out our interactive map to see where learners have participated from. Those in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario partook in our Provincial Pilot that wrapped up in May 2020. 


For more information about the Program, please check out our News updates or connect with us on Facebook.

Thank you to the Arctic Inspiration Prize for funding the Program development.