Recreation North Training Program

WHAT? The Training Program offers a variety of learning events (mini-courses) that develop competencies – essential knowledge and skills – for working and volunteering in community recreation across the North.

HOW? Take one of several pathways. Register for one or more core or advanced learning events (mini-courses). Earn a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership and/or Management.

WHEN? We offer training on an annual cycle from September to May. Check out our 2022-23 schedule or preview our 2023-24 schedule.

WHO? The training is designed for individuals living in Yukon, NWT or Nunavut as well as individuals living in rural or remote parts of the provinces. Not sure if this is for you? Try our Recreation Leadership Self Assessment (in English, French or Inuktituk) to identify your strengths and your opportunities for growth and learning.

HOW MUCH? Training is reasonably priced. Fees are reduced for members of the territorial recreation and parks associations or for individuals enrolled in one or both certificates.