A successful journey to a Certificate in Northern Recreation Management

Learners who got on board for the “next leg of the Recreation North learning journey” in October 2020 can be proud of their achievements (and collection of new badges) as they complete the Certificate in Northern Recreation Management this spring. The new Certificate adds another layer that builds on participants’ prior learning and/or experiences, and deepens their understanding of recreation in the North. Caroline Sparks, Recreation North’s Learning Consultant, designed the new Certificate program to enhance critical thinking and awareness of important topics like legal risk, evaluation, and volunteer management. The new advanced learning events (courses) follow the familiar “2 by 2 by 2” format (with two weeks, two conference calls, and two required learning activities) and include some that extend two weeks longer and require a bit more research, reading, analysis, and discussion than core learning events.

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2020-2021 Year in Review

Recreation North Vision
Across the North, the power and potential impact of recreation is embraced and valued as an essential service.

Recreation enhances personal, social, and environmental health and wellbeing and contributes to greater balance between quality of life and economic development. There is no doubt that recreation has become essential during this period of COVID-19.

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