Kelsey Gammel Graduate Profile – Expanding Skills and Knowledge

Kelsey Gammel lives in Whitehorse, Yukon, and is one of the spring graduates earning a Certificate in Northern Recreation Management. You can read Kelsey’s involvement with recreation in the north and her thoughts on the program below.

“I live and work in Whitehorse Yukon.  I have worked in the field of recreation for 6 years now and got my start in community recreation as a Recreation Programmer for the Village of Teslin. 

I now work as the Active Living Coordinator for the Recreation and Parks Association of Yukon.  I first got involved with the Recreation North Training Program when I completed my Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership and I was actually the second person to ever receive this certificate. 

As someone who had never gone to school for recreation, I found the certificate very helpful.  So, when the chance to do my Certificate in Northern Recreation Management came up, I jumped on it. 

The Recreation North Training Program is truly wonderful because it allows leaders across the North to meet people where they are at and help everyone expand on their skills and knowledge. 

I appreciate that all the learning events are Northern-focused and practical.  I found I could really use the information and resources in my day-to-day work. 

For me, I really enjoyed the learning event about promoting recreation.  In my position, I am in charge of RPAY’s social media and found the information in that learning event amazingly helpful.”

Congratulations on your hard work, Kelsey!