Chistina Moore Graduate Profile – Develop Both Knowledge and Skills

For the past two years, Christina Moore, from Sǫ̀mba K’è (Yellowknife), NT, has been enrolled in the Recreation North Training Program. She completed 20 Learning Events in that time. In May 2021, Christina graduated with a Certificate in Northern Recreation Management, having already completed her Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership. Below, Christina shared some of her thoughts on the Program.

I live Sǫ̀mba K’è, also known as Yellowknife, Northwest Territories on Chief Drygeese Territory, Treaty 8 land, the traditional home of the Yellowknives Dene. I work as the Indigenous Youth Worker at the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre. I am responsible for the Youth/Elder Eagle Program. We offer a variety of programs, including seasonal on the Land day camps; jigging dance classes and workshops; seasonal sewing and beading sessions; and leadership opportunities such as the youth culture committee. 

I had a very positive experience with the learning events that I took through Recreation North. I completed both the Northern Recreation Management and Northern Recreation Leadership Certificates. To complete both certificate programs was a balancing act, but so totally worth it in the end!  

Through the learning events, I was able to develop knowledge and skills in a supportive learning environment. I was able to apply the majority of what I was learning right away because the topics we explored were so relevant to my job. I really appreciated all the meaningful resources that were shared through the online learning platform. These templates and resources have made it possible for me to do my job with more ease and confidence.

One of the highlights of the experience was being able to connect and learn with inclusive instructors and other inspiring recreation leaders – people who are doing great work in their own communities. I am grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to continuing to apply what I learned during the program in my job.