Recreation leadership training program opens seats for provincial participants from rural and remote communities

As of May 2021, the Recreation North Training Program has reached more than 45 communities across the North, from Pond Inlet (NU) to Burwash Landing (YT). More than 200 individuals have taken learning events to strengthen their recreation leadership competencies. Thirty-four of these participants have earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership and 9 have earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Management. The training is accessible because it is delivered remotely, allowing participants to learn “in place” from their home communities.

Angela Storr (Inuvik, NT) is completing her second certificate through the Recreation North Training Program.

Following a successful pilot with participants from four provinces, a small number of seats have been opened to participants outside the North. Although there are big differences between communities like New Hazelton (BC), Ignace (ON), Faro (YT), and Sanikiluaq (NU), participants always comment on how the Training Program enables them to share ideas and to learn from others involved in recreation delivery in small, rural, remote, and/or Indigenous communities.

The Recreation North Training Program begins its fourth year of delivery in mid-September 2021. This year, participants will be able to complete one or both certificates by taking part in learning events from September through to May. As there are no pre-requisites, there is always the option to stretch out the duration of the training or to take only a few learning events (micro-courses). Recreation North’s website offers more information and provides a link to the registration site.

The Recreation North Training Program is delivered through a partnership of the three, territorial recreation and parks associations. Development of the Training Program was made possible through the generosity of the Arctic Inspiration Prize (in 2015).

Click here to view the 2021-22 Training Program Schedule.