Using the things we learned throughout the year.

Holly Mann recently completed the Recreation North Training Program. Christina lives in Yellowknife, NT and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation leadership in May 2021. Holly shared a bit about her experience.

Hello everyone!

My name is Holly Mann and I work as a Recreation Coordinator over at AVENS in Yellowknife. I loved taking Recreation North’s Training Program. I had wanted to take some more courses and I saw an ad for the training program. I brought it up with my supervisor (Carol!) and we all decided to take the training program together as a group.

I loved our Thursday morning conference calls and hearing what other people had to say. It was challenging sometimes but it was lots of fun and I enjoyed learning new things.

There were lots of resources used within the training program that I found helpful. It is not a whole lot of work, but I think that you should be prepared to work on the training program at least a few times a week.

If you’re thinking of taking the training program, what are you waiting for?! I am very happy I took this training program and I have already started using the things we learned throughout the year. It is a bittersweet feeling that the training program is over.