Supported and Included

Dale Loutit recently completed the Recreation North Training Program. Dale lives in Hay River, NT and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Management in April 2021. Dale shared a bit about her experience.

Hello, my name is Dale Loutit, I live in Hay River NT, my current involvement with Recreation is mostly in regards to being on the board with the Mackenzie Recreation Association.

My overall experience with the learning events in this certificate program has been helpful, fun and helped develop my skills in recreation further. The events helped develop my skills with hands on application of the various tasks associated with workplace responsibilities in recreation.

I appreciated the support, information and extra resources each of the learning events provided, especially with heavier content courses where the extra time was appreciated, such as the 4-week programs.

The biggest highlight about this Certificate was how the events fit into my busy schedule with expectations set, but not pushed upon me. Especially how I was supported and included despite not always being available for the conference calls delivered during each of the programs. And of course, networking and being able to experience and learn about other leaders who I learned from as well.