Learning is An Ongoing Pathway.

Denis Bento recently completed the Recreation North Training Program. Denis lives in Faro, YT and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in April 2021. Denis shared a bit about his experience.

My name is Denis Bento and I live in Faro, YT. I am the General Manager of Recreation and Culture for the Town of Faro. I have been involved with recreation since I was in kindergarten. I have always wanted to learn more about recreation and how it can help people.

Recreation North’s Training Program helped me learn what communities all over Canada can do to improve recreation in their community. The program covered all aspects of recreation and gave me a deeper understanding of recreation leadership.

Learning what other recreation leaders are doing in their communities was a great way to broaden my knowledge.  In addition, taking this learning event helped me to expand my network with other recreation leaders in Canada.

I have been in leadership positions for over 10 years and learning is an ongoing pathway. If you are thinking of starting this program, you will not regret it!

Making a difference in your community starts with you and the knowledge you will have after taking this program will be advantageous to inspire people.