Access learning anywhere with Recreation North

Katelyn Hamre recently completed the Recreation North Training Program.  Katelyn lives in Ignace, Ontario and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in December 2020. Katelyn was part of the Provincial Pilot Program. 

My name is Katelyn Hamre and I am the Recreation Programmer for the Township of Ignace. I also run mental health-based programs for youth through Mary Berglund Community Health Centre. I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario but relocated to Ignace, Ontario in 2017 to be with my family. My previous education has been in Human Resources and Social Work.  

My experience with Recreation North’s Training Program has been life changing.  The support and network I gained over the last year has been invaluable. The challenge for educating myself in this role was having to leave my community as I wear multiple hats as well as having limited networks available that were not facing the same challenges as I was in my community. Luckily, with this learning opportunity that barrier was removed as I could access the learning from anywhere at any time and had the chance to connect with other Northern Communities. Everything I learned over the last year was beneficial! The learning events had such a wide range of information. From financials, risk assessments, getting to know my community to identifying my own leadership strengths – Recreation North was not only very affordable, but the information you receive is priceless! 

I was initially selected to be a part of the Pilot Program, then progressed to earn my Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership. I am currently working on the advanced learning opportunity to earn my Certificate in Norther Recreation Management. I highly recommend this course! Amanda & Caroline have been lovely to work with and provide great flexibility. We are very fortunate to live in northern communities, especially in todays society, and I believe the Framework for Recreation in Canada – Pathways to Wellbeing identifies that.