It’s a great experience!

Quentin Sala recently completed the Recreation North Training Program.  Quentin lives in Sanikiluaq, NU and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in October 2020. Quentin shared a bit about himself.

My name is Quentin Sala and I live in Sanikiluaq, NU. I’m the Recreation Coordinator for the Municipality of Sanikiluaq. I started to be involved in recreation a few years ago, and it’s been a great journey. I like recreation because it involves sports, being involved in the community, and participating in events. I’m thankful I got to participate in Recreation North.

I really enjoyed the conference calls and getting to speak with other people. I liked getting to learn about the three different territories. It was sometimes challenging to express myself through conference calls, but I tried. When I was having a tough time with learning events, I got in contact with one of the Trainers to get help and finish it. My experiences from the Recreation North Training Program gave me lots of tools and resources that I’ll get to use with my work.

Recreation North is a great way to learn about recreation in the North. Just do it! It will be a great experience. The Training Program takes about a year to finish, and it is a great way to learn.