Looking forward to the launch of our new certificate…

As Recreation North’s Learning Consultant, I am looking forward to re-connecting with past participants in the next leg of our learning journey…a series of advanced learning events which lead to a Certificate in Northern Recreation Management.

PM101, part of the Certificate in Northern Recreation Management, begins October 12th

Did you know that in our third year, Recreation North offers almost 20 different learning events? Our learning events are like micro-courses and are designed on a 2 + 2 + 2 model. This means that each learning event takes place over 2 weeks, connects participants through 2 conference calls, and encourages the practical application of knowledge and skill through 2 required learning activities. Upon completion of 12 core learning events, participants earn a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership.

On October 12th, we are launching a new series of advanced learning events which lead to a Certificate in Northern Recreation Management. Individuals who have a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership, or comparable experience and education in the field, will appreciate our latest series of learning events. These encourage 1) identification of, 2) critical thinking about, and 3) sharing ideas around how to approach current topics, trends and challenges facing the field of community recreation. Topics, such as legal risk, evaluation, and managing volunteers, are explored in ways that are relevant in the North.

We consistently hear that one of the things our participants love best is the opportunity to learn from one another. Discussions on conference calls and in forums inspire, motivate, and reduce the sense of isolation that recreation leaders sometimes feel in small communities. Our new certificate will continue to strengthen connections among practitioners and build capacity for recreation across the North.

Next week, we kick off PM101. This learning event introduces basic concepts, practices, and tools for promotional activities to help us influence healthy lifestyle behaviours and increase participation in programs and events.

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