Get inspired from each other

Thorsten Gohl  recently completed the Recreation North Training Program.  Thorsten lives in Fort Providence, NT and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in June 2020. Thorsten shared a bit about himself.

Right next to the mighty Mackenzie River is the beautiful Hamlet of Fort Providence, the place that I call home. My name is Thorsten Gohl, and helping and supporting the region to be physically active is day-to-day fun for me. Actually, it’s also my job that pays the bills. When not providing programming or bringing amazing people to the North to help and support me, I am also running many aspects of the Table Tennis Association in the Northwest Territories.

Coming together and having fun while DOING, are the key elements for me in making the world a better place to be. Recreation North has a wonderful program, great learning opportunities, and networking opportunities.

Caroline and Amanda (the Trainers) are beautiful souls, sharing their experiences from the North within the topics of each program. Listen closely and understand the amazing things and the struggles that recreation has in the North. Always being positive and supportive, no matter what. 

The learning events allowed me to stand still for a moment, do some research, think, and have fun with the topics. Learning from others about what is happening in their community or region, sharing some ideas, getting inspired from each other, and working together to support our communities to be active—and having fun while doing so!

We cannot do it all ourselves, so it is great that Recreation North brings people together. Recreation North learning events offer great information that you can easily implement in your community. And of course, I always say more homework would be nice! But more important, it’s an opportunity to share your experiences, listen to others, and then bring it back to your day-to-day life.

A great way to making time in your schedule every Thursday for a conference call. Allowing yourself to do some research, think about the topics and be creative on how to present it. Sounds good? Go ahead and sign up!