Value of teamwork and support

Trisha Johnnie  recently completed the Recreation North Training Program.  Trisha lives in Carmacks, YT and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in December 2019. Trisha shared a bit about herself.

Trisha Johnnie is from the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation and lives in Carmacks, Yukon. She’s a busy mother of four wonderful teenage daughters and she enjoys hiking, camping, and bicycling with them. Trisha values and practices her first nation’s traditional ways (except for hunting animals) and loves spending time out on the land. She’s discovered photography—and most recently, camera trapping, which is a method for capturing wild animals on film.

Trisha is a Recreation Program Leader for the local recreation centre, and loves working with children and youth. Participating in the Recreation North Program gave her many useful ideas. She says her biggest take-aways are: program planning, how to get the word out, and the value of teamwork and support. Although budgeting was challenging, it was helpful to understand how to read a budget and determine what she can spend on various programs and events.

She found the training very interesting and useful; it gave her a heads up on what to do with the children regarding activities and how to be prepared. She gathered many ideas that she can use in her programs.

Trisha’s ‘words of wisdom’ for those considering the Recreation North Training Program:

  • There is a lot of knowledge shared. Take notes! They will help you when planning your programs in the future.
  • Ask a lot of questions and talk to the other learners in the program for ideas and advice.
  • The work is relatively easy and doesn’t take a lot of time if you stay on top of it.