Good support for each other

Jamie Birckel  recently completed the Recreation North Training Program.  Jamie lives in Carmacks, YT and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in May 2020. Jamie shared a bit about himself.

Jamie Birckel is a member of the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation and lives in Carmacks, Yukon with his family. He’s people-oriented and loves being involved in his community. On days off, he says he enjoys spending time with his family; going for a drive, setting up fish nets for salmon, camping, and going to hand games events.

As a Recreation Assistant for the Village of Carmacks, Jamie enjoys working with youth–providing them with activities that keep them active and involved.

Jamie says he thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Recreation North Training Program. He found all of the learning events interesting and he especially benefited from networking and getting new ideas from other participants. He was keen to share these with his colleagues back at work.

Jamie remarked, “I am better at my job as a result of taking Recreation North training. It was awesome to take it with my colleague, Trisha, as we work so well together. We were good support for each other throughout the program.”

Basic Recreation Finances was a challenging learning event for Jamie as working with numbers is not his strength. However, with support, he persevered and completed it. He says he did find the program a bit too long, with too many learning events, but he still found them helpful.

Jamie’s takeaways from the training were the great opportunities to learn new skills, to network with others who are in the program, and to share ideas and support each other. Since participating in the Recreation North Training Program, he’s taken on more of a leadership role in his job and now is more comfortable and confident when working with new staff.