Helped with my everyday job

Angela Ruben recently completed the Recreation North Training Program.  Angela lives in Paulatuk, NT and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in June 2020. Angela shared a bit about herself.

Hello, I’m Angela!

I’m the Recreation Coordinator for the Hamlet of Paulatuk where I work with a staff of four: two Evening Programs Workers, one Youth Centre Coordinator, and one Recreation Assistant. We have a Recreation Committee of seven people who are great to work with.

My community has about 400 people. I coordinate all the major events like Easter, Canada Day, our annual Iqalukpik Jamboree, Halloween, and Christmas events.

The online learning events that I took with Recreation North have helped with my everyday job– especially with proposal writing. It has made me more confident in myself while writing a proposal (I used to be intimidated in this area). The learning events were very clear and easy to follow with great Trainers who were there every time you needed them, even just to ask a question.

To anyone planning on taking these online learning events–do it. They will help you simplify and easily organize planning your events, and help in every area you need help with for your job! I am glad to be a part of this experience, as it’s made my job a lot less complicated! Thank you all very much, and I wish for you all to continue to be safe in these trying times.