Becoming a better and more confident recreational leader

Arthur Glenn Guevara  recently completed the Recreation North Training Program.  Glenn lives in Inuvik, NT and earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in May 2020. Glenn shared a bit about himself.

My name is Arthur Glenn Guevara and I live in Inuvik, NT. I’m the activity aide with the Long Term Care Unit at the Inuvik Regional Hospital. I’m responsible for providing and organizing activities, and coordinating events for our seniors residing in long-term care.

My main goal is to provide meaningful activities that will improve their wellbeing holistically—improving their physical, cognitive, social, cultural, and spiritual wellbeing. My main focus is to promote their Indigenous cultures in the facility, and encouraging the practices of their traditions, languages, foods, music, and values.

My experience with Recreation North was amazing. The courses are really informative, and you learn a lot from the group discussion. The Trainers were friendly—shout out to Caroline and Amanda. They are considerate and flexible, and able to accommodate a working learner like myself. All the materials are helpful and useful in my role as an activity aide. It honed me to become a better and more confident recreational leader.

I picked up a lot of ideas from my fellow learners from our group discussion. It was really positive experience overall.

I’d like to invite other recreational leaders to take these learning events. The workload is not too bad, around 3-4 hours per learning event and a 1 hour per week teleconference.