Advantages for those working while taking the program

Erin Porter recently completed the Recreation North Training Program. Erin, the Community Wellness and Recreation Program Leader  for the Hamlet of Enterprise, earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership in October 2019. Erin shared a bit about herself.

I’m not originally from the North but I came here about seven and a half years ago. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. I was working as the Community’s Healthy Children Program Leader (TOTS, a parent and child program) prior to working my way up to the position of Community Wellness and Recreation Program Leader. I never thought recreation was something I would be interested in but I love planning and organizing (among other things) and it turns out that those activities are a huge part of the job.

I am currently working towards my occupational certification in the recreation field. Recreation North’s Training Program was a great addition to the courses I had already taken. I am a very busy person and mother, so the fact that the learning events were relatively short made them much easier to work through. The information provided was simple and easy to understand but still taught me all that is required for each subject. Although the conference calls were not always easy to fit into my work schedule, having the option to listen and send in our thoughts afterwards allowed me to still feel part of the learning process.

This program holds many advantages for those working: short learning events, lots of time given between learning events, and the option to spread them out instead of doing them all at once. I will be recommending this program to any new staff, right away.