Training helped me access to recreation

Pravina Bartlett was one of the participants, in a Pilot of the Community Recreation Leadership Program that concluded in May 2018. Pravina, the Executive Director for Hay River Committee for Persons with Disabilities, earned a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership. Recently, Pravina shared a bit about herself.

My name is Pravina Bartlett and, as the Executive Director at the Hay River Committee for Persons with Disabilities, my role is mainly as a volunteer. I develop recreation programs for persons with disabilities (youth, adults and seniors) as part of our organization’s programs. I also coach 5-pin bowling to youth and adults in our local league and at national-level tournaments throughout Canada. I try to be an advocate and assist those that can’t access recreational activities due to various accessibility issues.

I wanted to take the Recreation Leadership Training Program to learn more about how I could improve access to recreation within my community and to provide effective programs that would help improve an individual’s well-being.

I enjoyed all of the learning events and was able to use the information immediately in my job. All of the content was relevant to what I wanted to learn and the instructors were amazing teachers. They were all thoroughly knowledgeable and very supportive. The online structure was very beneficial to my work schedule and easy to manoeuvre through.

I started applying what I learned immediately to ensure we could improve our client services and grow our programming in the future. I was very impressed by the volume of information we had access to that was directly relevant to this field and to my work.

Thank you Recreation North for this opportunity.