Recreation training helps make connections for work…

A Pilot of the Community Recreation Leadership Program began in October 2017. Since that time, individuals from communities across the NWT, Yukon, and Nunavut participated in a variety of learning events delivered by Northern trainers. Adonika Clark, one of ten individuals to earn her Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership, shared a bit about herself and her experience during the Pilot.

My name is Adonika Clark. I work in kids and youth programming, and volunteer in recreation. I consider myself an artist, a traveler, and an adventure seeker; I love living in Dawson City, Yukon.

I was very excited to be chosen to participate in Recreation North’s Pilot training. By obtaining a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership, I hope to increase my chances of finding employment in recreation in my community.

The topics introduced during the training were diverse and relevant to recreation in the North. I enjoyed being in contact with people from across the territories. Through a connection with one of the trainers, I learned how to find employment in small, rural communities in Nunavut—something I have always been interested in. And more recently, I was able to use some of the concepts and terminology I learned during an interview for a recreation programming position.