Doing the recreation training online was enjoyable…

Kelsey Hassard from the Village of Teslin, Yukon is a participant in the Community Recreation Leadership Program Pilot that began in October 2017. After completing the learning required to earn a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership, Kelsey shared some of her thoughts about the training experience.

I’m Kelsey Hassard, the recreation programmer for the Village of Teslin. I have held the position for just over a year now but I was born and raised in Teslin. It is good to be back in my home community helping out and making a real difference.

I wanted to take this training because I have no previous training in recreation. I thought the Community Recreation Leadership Program would really help me to understand my work and to do my job well. I really enjoyed the online aspect of the training. As a kid, I was home-schooled for two years so I am used to using an online platform for schooling. It was much more convenient than having to drive into Whitehorse each week or leave the territory for a longer period of time to get training.

Networking with other recreation programmers across the north has been very helpful and insightful. It is great to be connected to such a large community of people involved in recreation so that we can share ideas, wins, and help support each other when we get frustrated or burned out.

The training offered by Recreation North has really helped me feel more confident in my role as a recreation programmer. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of trying it out, but one word of advice – make sure you carve out enough time for each learning event. Sometimes the learning events take longer than originally planned and it is easy to get behind. The good thing is there’s also a great team of instructors who are there to support you if you do get behind.

Thank you!