The recreation training fit easily into my work schedule…

A Pilot of the Community Recreation Leadership Program that began in October 2017 wraps up in May 2018. Grace Bowers from the Town of Faro, Yukon is among the first of 25 individuals from communities across the NWT, Yukon, and Nunavut to fulfill the learning requirements and earn a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership. Below, Grace shares a bit about herself and how the training has helped her in her job.

I’m Grace Bowers. I was born and raised in Faro, Yukon but, as many Yukoners do, moved away for 15 years. But there’s something special about the Yukon. So in 2008, my son and I started coming back regularly to visit. Last year, we decided to move back permanently because Faro is where we belong.

In May 2017, I began working at the Faro Recreation Centre as a programmer. During that first month, I was invited to join a presentation about a pilot program for recreation leaders at the AYC (Association of Yukon Communities) convention being hosted in Faro. I was very excited, but also nervous and intimidated. I was worried about all the training and the time that it would take when I already had a pile of program planning on my to-do list.

Once the pilot started, I was happy to find that the training fit easily into my schedule. If we were busy at the Rec Centre and the RLA’s (Required Learning Activities) were a little late, the instructors always understood.  All of the instructors were supportive and were a valuable resource throughout the pilot.

Because of the training, I’ve gained a supportive team of other participants and, most importantly, I’ve made some new friends and connections throughout Canada’s North.  I believe that this training has equipped me with the skills to be a better Recreation Programmer here in Faro. For sure, I will be utilizing my new knowledge and skills while planning and offering community programs and events.

Thank you to all who have instructed, supported, and who gave great advice along the way! I look forward to helping others enjoy the great recreation opportunities the Yukon has to offer.