Meet the First Recipient of the Northern Recreation Leadership Certificate

Rob McPhie from Haines Junction, Yukon is the first participant to complete the Pilot of the Community Recreation Leadership Program

A Pilot of the Community Recreation Leadership Program began in October 2017. Since that time, 25 individuals from communities across the NWT, Yukon, and Nunavut have participated in up to 14 learning events delivered by seven northern trainers. Rob McPhie from Haines Junction, Yukon is the first of these learners to complete the Pilot and receive his certificate. We asked Rob to write something about himself and about the impact that the training has made on his work.

My name is Rob McPhie. I’ve lived in Haines Junction, Yukon for 32 years. I was a heavy equipment operator for the past 18 years running excavators, loaders, graders and pretty much everything else you can run in the oil field. I’m into camping, fishing, and 4-wheeling, but my number one hobby is spending time with my amazing niece!

I started with the Village of Haines Junction in October 2017 as the arena supervisor and then recently began full-time with the Village as Supervisor of Recreation and Green Spaces. My future goals include helping our community to grow its recreation programs and, hopefully making an impact that I can look back on and be proud of. So, this pilot program was perfect for me.

The training I have done and the knowledge I have taken from Recreation North’s Community Recreation Leadership Program has been so instrumental to the work I am doing in my community and to my own future. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in recreation or is pursuing a career in recreation. The learning events are so informative and the instructors really know their stuff.

The great thing about this program for me was how much flexibility there was in completing the courses. There was ample time to finish every learning event. Above and beyond the flexibility, it was the instructors that really made the difference – they really take the time to explain all of the information during each learning event. Not only that, but they were always available to answer my questions. Another thing I’ll take away is the connections I’ve made with the instructors and with recreation leaders in other communities.

Thank you so much Recreation North for this amazing opportunity.