New community recreation training program open for applications

Recreation is essential for individual, community and environmental health and wellbeing. Recreation in the North is a Means to a Greater Beginning (as described on CPRA’s website). The Community Recreation Leadership Program was developed, with generous support from the Arctic Inspiration Prize, as a meaningful and relevant training program to strengthen recreation capacity across the North.

Recreation North’s training program is a series of short learning events developed and delivered in the North, by the North, and for the North. Participants gain knowledge, skills and experience in the recreation field while living in Northern communities. Training is delivered online and through practical assignments. This means training costs less and fits with work and family commitments.

The Program is for emerging recreation leaders living in Yukon, NWT or Nunavut who have little or no formal training or education in recreation. An emerging leader works or volunteers, or may want to start working or volunteering, in community recreation.

A Pilot of the Community Recreation Leadership Program will run from October 2017 to May 2018. The Pilot, a small-scale “test” of the Program, will offer training for 25 participants. Participants who complete 10 learning events earn a certificate. Find more information here.