Recreation North Seeks Evaluation Team Member

Do you have a passion for recreation? Are you motivated to help others learn and grow? Do you have a sense of the vast diversity of Canada’s three territories?

Recreation North, a partnership of the three territorial recreation and parks associations, is almost ready to deliver its Community Recreation Leadership Program.  But first, beginning in October, select learning events will be piloted.

Recreation North seeks an individual to join the team evaluating the Pilot. If you are interested, read on…

As part of the evaluation team, the work involves:

  1. Working with the trainers in advance of the Pilot to create a common understanding of Indigenous approaches to teaching and learning. Identifying and/or affirming a set of practices or principles to guide the trainers and the learning events.
  2. Coaching the trainers on the delivery of learning events so they can build on and integrate these key principles.
  3. As part of the evaluation team, a) assessing delivery of the learning events based on the agreed upon practices; b) offering input and ideas for the future; and c) contributing to recommendations for future design and delivery of the full program.

For more information, please contact Recreation North.

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